About the Band

In a nutshell:

Roseburn Avenue is an internet-based international symphonic hard rock band, inspired by the voice actresses (and live musicians) of the fictional J-rock band Roselia. Initially formed as part of the “Fandori Project”, Roseburn Avenue has continued to write and record music whenever its members have the time and opportunity to do so. To date, the band has released four original songs, three of which can be found on music streaming services, and a cover song.

While the band will never forget its roots, it seeks to push itself beyond its image by incorporating a variety of influences into both the songwriting process and the actual musicianship. The Roseburn Avenue YouTube channel is also home to “Project ASAKAZE”, a side project with which guitarist John Jin experiments with a range of music genres and recording techniques.

The name:

Roseburn Avenue is named after a street on the east side of Singapore. The namesake street runs both perpendicular and parallel to, and intersects the street on which bassist Zach lived during his childhood.